Parent & Child Fostering

Helping parents keep their children through fostering

At FSG we also specialise in parent and child fostering.

Not everyone grows up in a loving and nurturing environment to know what it means to provide good parenting for their child. Many are faced with challenges on how to parent their child, and that is where parent and child fostering comes in.

Essentially, parent and child fostering is supporting parents to have their children remain in their care. A mother, father or both come into care with their babies or toddlers to receive guidance and life skills such as cooking, providing stimulation and providing a routine for their child. A parent and child foster placement offers a parent the opportunity to learn these valuable life skills in a home environment.

What is entailed?

Parent and child fostering is different to other types of fostering because the parent is responsible to care for their child, the role of the foster carer is to provide guidance and support to help the parent care for their child effectively.

With specialist training from the Fostering Support Group (FSG), our foster carers share their skills with young parents who have different difficulties.

Can you foster?

Our foster carers come from different backgrounds and experiences. Working with FSG is like one big happy family where you are provided with 24/hour support, guidance and training.

Foster carers can be employed or unemployed (even if you are on benefits), single or married, have children or not, homeowners or renting, from a faith background or not. We want to hear from you.

FSG offer a competitive fostering allowance with robust 24-hour support from a dedicated supervising social worker, ongoing training and encouragement. Working from home as a foster carer has never been so rewarding.

Get in touch with us to discuss your individual circumstance and to learn how you can foster.

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