Transfer to Fostering Support Group (FSG)

If you are already registered with another agency but are interested in transferring to FSG, we’d love to hear from you. We can discuss a transfer, the reason behind it and whatever the outcome, provide you with objective advice.

There are different processes to follow, depending on whether you currently have a child or young person in a placement with you. Naturally, if you have a child in placement, their best interests are paramount and there will be specific considerations and protocols to follow to ensure this happens. If you don’t have a child in placement, you will need to write to your fostering agency or Local Authority to inform them. Usually 28 days’ notice is required. We will also talk to your existing agency to discuss your transfer and in turn, process the move smoothly.

It is also important to note that foster carers transferring to Fostering Support Group will be required to undertake our Form F assessment and initial training, and have to go before the FSG Panel for approval before fostering for us.

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