Our Foster Carer’s Charter

An agency and its foster carers commitment to a child is paramount in ensuring children and young people get the best outcomes.

A child’s relationship with their foster carer can make the biggest difference in the child’s life.

  • Our aim is to ensure that the children and young people looked after by our foster carers experience as full a life as possible
  • We aspire to supporting children and young people to develop their own identities and reach their potential and…
  • Above all we want the children and young people living with our foster carers to feel as much a part of their foster family as possible.

To ensure this, we have laid out our commitments to you in full in our Foster Carers Charter:

The Foster Carer's Charter

Here at Fostering Support Group we recognise the enormous contribution you make as a foster carer. We value the skills, experience and knowledge that each of our foster carers bring to the role. FSG’s Foster Carers Charter is our pledge to support you in the amazing job that you do as a foster carer.

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